2016 Spring Registration Information

Spring 2016
Weeknight LeagueSunday Morning League
MENS TEAMS → $395.00 deposit register $395.00 deposit register
COED TEAMS →$325.00 deposit register

Spring 2016 League Registration Info:

There is an 8-game guarantee, but most teams will play at least 9 games. Teams will play either a 7 or 8 game regular season, depending on the number of teams in their division.

8-team divisions who play 7 regular season games will have all teams make the playoffs. 9+ team divisions will play 8 regular season games with the top 60% advancing to the playoffs.

The maximum number of teams for each league will be 24.

Start Week:

The 2016 Spring Season will start the week of March 20th.


There will be 3 levels of play for MENs both the weeknight and Sunday Morning Spring Leagues: A, B, and C.
A: Though we recommend new teams do not start in "A", any team can register for "A". This is the top level of competition and includes teams who compete for the state championship. Previous Fall B+ champ must play in A. This division will issues berths to the State Tournament. The weeknight A League will play games THU night.
B: B is mandated for last Fall and Spring C final 4, suggested for previous C teams who finished above .500, B teams who did not make the top 4, former B+ teams (who are not mandated to play in A) who feel they cannot compete in A. This division will issue berths to the State Tournament. The weeknight B League will play games WED night.
C: C league is reserved for either new teams who want to play at the introductory competitive level (not renamed or reorganized/combined existing teams that must play in B) and previous C teams who finished under .500 as well as B teams who finished at or near the bottom of B. This division will NOT issue berths to the State Tournament. The weeknight C League will play games MON night.

COED will play THU nights (6 game regular season) starting first week of April.


Games will be played on turf fields in Fairfax County. For weeknight league, Playing nights are determined by league (see above).


You may carry up to 22 players on your team roster. Each player must have the address field filled out on the online roster (through coach access). If you cannot submit an online roster, you can email the league via the contact link and request a roster form to complete and mail in, or send online. Players may switch teams prior to week 3 games, but may not play for more than one team during a single week. After roster lock (prior to week 3 games) players may not switch teams.

Once rosters lock, any player can only play for one weeknight team - regardless of league/division. To be clear, players may not play for one team in the weeknight "B" league and another in the Sunday Morning "C" league. However, a player may play on only one team in the Sunday morning league and one team in the weeknight leagues.

Team Pages/Coach Access:

New teams will have accounts set up on the league site once their deposit is received.

Team Fee:

Team fee for the Spring 2015 season is $795. This fee is due in two payments:

1) deposit ($395 MEN, $325 COED) due in order to register your team.
2) installment#2 ($400 MEN, $300 COED) will be due 3 weeks into the season.

Alternately you can pay the full amount up front.

Your teammates can pay a portion of your team fee online by clicking "make individual payment" and selecting your team name. Your team account will be credited accordingly.

Your team fee covers everything: all officiating (season and playoffs), awards, County participant fee, insurance, field use, etc..., except - "out of County fees", which are assessed by Fairfax County at $30/non-county resident rostered and paid separate from team fee. We will invoice this amount after rosters lock. Those out of county players can pay their own fee online, individually.

Refunds will be issued on an individual basis. All refunds are subject to a $100 processing fee. Additionally, if any games have been played, there will be a $100 deducted from the amount of the refund per game played.