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 subject: "11/27 : Cougars win B championship in OT vs Hawks 24-21"

Nov 28, 2012
0:41 AM

11/27 : Cougars win B championship in OT vs Hawks 24-21

Cougars improve to 3-0 in the postseason, while Hawks exit at 1-1.

This is the most points scored in a game this season by CougarsThe victory continues a 2 game winning streak for Cougars which now stands at 3 wins in a row.

The loss comes on the heels of a Hawks victory in their last game.

These teams are very familiar with one another, having now played 5 times. Their previous contest occured in a Fairfax County Flag Football League "B" regular season game Nov 06 2012, 22:00, which was a 7-7 tie. Overall, Cougars is 3-1-1 against Hawks.

Gametime temperature was a frigid 35 degrees under mostly cloudy skies.

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Nov 28, 2012
0:48 AM
Weren`t the Cougars really bad last year? How did this turn around happen?


Nov 28, 2012
0:54 AM

Cougars: FCFFL 2012 Fall "B" Champs

Hawks: FCFFL 2012 Fall "B" Second


Nov 28, 2012
1:09 AM
Cougars took an early 7-0 lead. Hawks came back to tie it before half. The teams exchanged scores again and in the middle of that the Cougars and Hawks both missed field goals.

In overtime, Cougars started first and got a TD. Hawks answered with their own TD - on to double OT.

Hawks started the second OT with the ball, Cougars intercept. Cougars keep the ball on the ground and kick the game winning field on 4th down.


Nov 28, 2012
10:53 AM
Is that Chad Dukes in the back row?


Nov 28, 2012
11:09 AM
everyone on the Hawks look upset that they lost the championship...except for the clown in the back pointing at the camera...what a clown


Nov 28, 2012
11:23 AM
DEFENSE WINS Championships

Rice Farmer

Nov 29, 2012
7:51 AM
congratulations Cougars.

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